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If your Infiniti offers a smooth, luxurious ride, our repair services should at the very least match such a brand promise. Upon experiencing the ordeal of a car accident, any Infiniti owner will struggle with the stress and hassle of the process – but our facilities stand at the ready to take the stress away. In fact, it’s our Infiniti certification that enables us to make such a promise. If Infiniti puts their trust in the hands of our expert repair technicians, you can be sure that your car will be restored to its pre-collision state.

Adhering to OEM procedures outlined and continuously updated by Infiniti, our service centers remain at the forefront of Infiniti repairs. The technology and equipment we use is the latest in the business, and the certification training we obtain for all of our staff brings us up to speed to repair even the latest generation of Infiniti vehicles.

Our technicians are manufacturer certified not merely to follow a set of rules. They keep learning and embracing the most cutting-edge repair systems in order to protect your safety once your car is once more ready for the road. Original parts combined with our customer-focused staff will ensure a seamless repair experience and the end result that will surely please you.

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A job well done demands ongoing education and manufacturer approval. We have both (and then some), so don’t hesitate to entrust us with your Infiniti – get in touch with us today for any Infiniti-related questions.

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