Honda Acura Certified Collision Repair Facility

The Home of Trusted Honda & Acura Repairs

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The makers of Honda and Acura are visionaries with their sights set on a collision-free future. Until such a time comes, they rely on facilities such as our own to work in their program and provide repairs without compromise. They know that facing the aftermath of a collision can be filled with dilemmas and difficult choices, so they’ve made a few for you. Manufacturer certified facilities within our own TechniCraft Automotive Group family excel at restoring intricate Honda and Acura vehicles to their exact specifications.

We follow their outlined OEM procedures rigorously, with the help of our world-class technology and equipment, and our best technicians at the helm of each repair. Honda and Acura-specific training helps us stay at the forefront of their innovative design and tech solutions.

The goal of our painstaking educational efforts is to make otherwise intricate repair processes effortless and transform a stressful experience into a learning opportunity. We hope to earn each Honda and Acura owner’s trust for the long haul.

Your Honda & Acura are in the Best of Hands

The Honda Acura certification program is an ongoing promise that we will live up to, if not exceed their expectations in excellent repairs. If you’ve had the misfortune to be in a collision with your cherished Honda or Acura, leave it to us to restore it properly. Use the form below to contact us any time!